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Winkel - Pressblank, roh

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2.37 CHF *

Winkel - RAL-Pulverbeschichtet

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3.83 CHF *

Winkel - Eloxiert

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3.48 CHF *

Winkel - Verchromt

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14.79 CHF *

Winkel - Edelstahloptik

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8.79 CHF *

Aluminium angle from the pro

Aluminium angles from MEPA belong to the category of LM standard profiles and are extremely strong due to their special construction. The profiles are made of high-quality aluminium and are both very light and flexible. In addition, they can be processed with conventional tools and adapted to the requirements. This makes the construction and material of the angles an optimal material for various applications.

Thus, aluminium angles are used in frame constructions, such as a mirror, picture frame or are used to reinforce numerous covers. Due to their angular shape, the angles can be used, for example, as protection for edges that are easily damaged. Furthermore, the aluminium brackets are suitable for all visible surfaces indoors and outdoors. The MEPA finishing options (stainless steel look, anodised, bright-pressed and powder-coated) allow them to be optimally adapted to the external conditions.

Aluminium angles - Our variants

Our MEPA Online-Shop has a wide range of angles, which can be flexibly adapted to various requirements. Thus we have a large variety of dimensions at our disposal. Whether height, width, thickness or surface, at MEPA you will find the right aluminium brackets for your needs.

  • Height: 10-230mm
  • Width: 10-120mm
  • Thickness:1-10mm

The different surfaces give aluminium excellent protection against corrosion. But protection is not the only thing that can be achieved with these. Because with the right surface, the angles become a visual eye-catcher.