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Edging profiles

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Eckverbinder für Einfassprofil 30 x 20 mm

10.77 CHF *

Einfassprofil - 30,0 x 20,0 x 1,5 mm (3m)

19.75 CHF *

Edging profiles from MEPA

The edging profiles from MEPA are indispensable in exterior and interior design. When professionally edging panels, they provide the appropriate hold and the required strength. Edging profiles with their diverse properties are used in trade fair construction, shop and interior design, right up to advertising technology for glass, wood and plastic. MEPA edging profiles are available for thicker 19 mm panels and for thinner 3-8 mm panels.

Properties of MEPA edging profiles

Strong, stable and flexible! Our lightweight aluminium edging profiles are among the materials that can be processed easily and without problems. All MEPA profiles are made of Aliminium and have exceptional product properties. They are extremely strong, stable and very durable. Due to the low weight, they are very light and at the same time stable. In addition, aluminium can convince by its weather resistance and is excellent for outdoor and indoor use, e.g. in bathrooms and kitchens.

At MEPA, you will find a comprehensive range of aluminium profiles for commercial use - for a wide variety of applications. Mepa offers different types of aluminium profiles in its product range of edging profiles. In order to hold materials or fillings, e.g. matching plastic panels, firmly in place, MEPA's aluminium edging profiles have a ribbed design. You will always find the right profile edging in our online shop!

In our online shop you will find the optimal edging profiles for your project and the most diverse areas of application. Order your desired size directly! Our aluminium edging profiles for 19mm panels and for 3-8mm:

For 19 mm panels:
  • U-profile - for the finishing of mouldings
  • H-profile - for connecting two panels
  • Corner piece - Clean finish of corner pieces
  • Edge profile - to cover and protect corners
  • Door hinges - Clean transition to doors
  • Profile seal - sealing of door hinges

  • For 3-8mm panels:
    • End profiles - for finishing panels
    • Corner joints - Clean termination of corner pieces
    • H-profile - for connecting two panels
    • F-profile - clean finish to window sills and doors
    • The stable aluminium profiles are also available in anodised finishes: mill finish, powder-coated & silver anodised, which gives the aluminium surface a special scratch-resistant and hard seal.

      Use of edging profiles

      The edging profiles are used for edging glass, wood and plastic and therefore have a wide range of applications, e.g. in trade fair and shop fitting and interior design. Their appearance is timeless and elegant. They are used as end, corner and power connection profiles and as connecting profiles in the interior design of commercial and private living spaces. They are also used as edge protection for wooden partition walls. The edging profiles from MEPA offer a wide range of possible applications and there are no limits to your imagination.

      Other possible uses;
      • Fixing of glass, wood and other panels
      • Fixing of partition walls or shower walls
      • Finishing of tile mirrors
      • Bordering of information signs, or stainless steel advertising signs