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H-Profil - Geriffelt

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H-Profil - Ungeriffelt

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H-Profil - Verbindungsprofil

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H-Profil für Spannrahmen in E6/EV1

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Aluminium H-profiles from MEPA

The aluminium H-profiles are often differentiated between a small and a large H-profile. Very often they serve as butt joint profiles. With H-profiles you can connect panels such as chipboard, glass or even plastic.

Characteristics of Alu H profiles:
The H-profiles from MEPA are made of aluminium. This material distinguishes the profiles with special properties. They are flexible, but still have high stability, robustness and hardness. Because of these properties, the aluminium profiles can be used for many applications. A further special feature are the various finishes:

  • Pressed blank, raw
  • Powder-coated
    • Traffic white
  • Anodised
    • Silver Colours
    • dark bronze

Thanks to the aluminium material and finishes, the aluminium profiles are weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. This allows them to be used without any problems both outdoors and indoors ? for example in wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Due to the different refinements the material convinces with its beautiful appearance. But also a profile in mill finish can serve as a modern design element thanks to its timeless aluminium look and adapts perfectly to any room or outdoor area. Additional plastering or processing is no longer necessary. But the H-profile convinces first and foremost with its structure. H-profiles are often also found under the 3-8 mm edging profiles. They enable the edging of glass, wood or plastic.

Possible uses of aluminium H-profiles:

H-profiles are used in a wide variety of applications, including model making (small parts). In this application, however, the material is rather plastic than aluminium. On building sites it looks different. There the H-profiles made of aluminium are in demand. Because of their special material properties, such as easy cutting and the corresponding finishing, they are mainly used by building owners and construction companies. Due to its weather resistance, the H-profile can be used outdoors without any problems. That is why the profiles are also used in the assembly area, for example as a supplement for constructions. There they are installed as load-bearing elements. The H-profiles are flexible and adapt to large requirements. This includes, for example, applications in stairwells, constructions, supports or stages. The H-profiles are used for the construction and installation of roller shutter boxes on window frames in trade fair and shop construction, but also for interior fittings.