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Partition wall profiles

Aluminium partition wall profiles from MEPA

Aluminium partition wall profiles are used for the construction of partition walls. However, these aluminium profiles are also used as wind protection or privacy screens. They are mainly used outdoors, on balconies, terraces or for balcony parapets. With different anodisations and surface finishes, functional and visually attractive partition walls are created.

The properties of partition wall profiles

The partition walls are made of aluminium and appropriate infill panels. As a result, they are highly resistant to weathering and corrosion. Due to the material aluminium, partition wall profiles have a long term durability and are perfectly suitable for outdoor use. But aluminium partition wall profiles can also be installed indoors without any problems. Aluminium is easy to process due to its low weight. Nevertheless the profile is stable and resilient. The partition wall profiles consist of matching aluminium frames and aluminium bars. Both profiles are available in different sizes. There are different partition elements for individual projects and design ideas. Popular with users are for example:

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Plastics

Finishing of aluminium partition wall profiles

The numerous variants and design possibilities of our different surfaces offer aluminium excellent protection against corrosion. At the same time, their design adapts to your requirements and, thanks to the anodised surfaces, they can be used perfectly for substructures and superstructures. The different types of finishing give the partition wall profiles a certain character. Thus the profile can be rustic as well as elegantly modern and timeless. Thus, aluminium partition wall profiles not only fulfil a function intended for them, but also meet visual requirements.

Possible applications of aluminium partition wall profiles

Aluminium partition wall profiles from MEPA can be used in many areas. The many possible uses result from the flexibility of the material and the timeless design. You can have partition wall profiles made to measure - according to your wishes ? In this way you can support the individual character of your building project with the appropriate profiles. You are welcome if the partition wall is to be erected quickly, but the technology should also be professional and long-term. The profiles are often used outdoors. The most popular function is as a privacy screen or as wind protection on balconies and terraces. But the profiles are also used in the construction of parapets. In the interior, the partition wall profiles are mainly used as room dividers in open-plan offices or in private homes.