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Round tubes

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Rundrohre - Pressblank

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Rundrohre - RAL-Pulverbeschichtet

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Rundrohre - Eloxiert

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Rundrohre - Verchromt

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Rundrohre - Edelstahloptik

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Aluminium tubes from the professionals

Aluminium tubes belong to the category of aluminium profiles and have become an important application material in the industry due to their great variety, as well as increasingly popular for the craftsman. In the industry as pre-products, aluminium tubes can be used as construction elements or for steel and stainless steel construction. The thickness of our MEPA aluminium tubes starts at 1 mm and goes up to 10 mm. The diameter ranges from 6 mm up to 200 mm. The aluminium tubes can be ordered in different surfaces in raw, anodised or coated with RAL colours. Aluminium tubes in chrome and stainless steel look are characterised by low weight and high stability, which makes them particularly suitable for frame constructions in the interior.
As aluminium is an easy material to process, it can also be machined as a preliminary product using standard tools.

Aluminium tubes - Our application examples

We offer you a wide range of aluminium tubes, which can be used for different requirements due to their variety of dimensions. Depending on the occasion you can choose different diameters and different surfaces. You can purchase our aluminium round tubes for numerous applications in our online shop. Our different surfaces give the aluminium tubes an excellent protection against corrosion and at the same time become an optical eye-catcher. Available are the universal and well applicable aluminium round tubes in the surfaces: Anodised, powder-coated, mill finish, chrome and stainless steel look. With their lightness and durability, aluminium tubes are particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The easy to process aluminium round tubes are used e.g. for facade construction, as functional components. As visual eye-catchers, the aluminium round tubes can also be used universally as railing frames or handrails in various designs and are well suited as construction elements for tables and chair legs. Due to their slight pliability and attractive design, the tubes adapt to your needs. Aluminium tubes offer all the advantages of the light metal, such as corrosion resistance, low weight and high stability. Thanks to their excellent product properties and selectable surfaces, they are not only suitable for use in the furniture industry, but also in metal construction or bicycle manufacturing, wherever lightness and strength of the material is required.