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Shelf wall profiles

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Aluminium shelf wall profiles from MEPA

Due to the outstanding product characteristics, the aluminium shelf wall profiles and aluminium framing profiles are ideal for professional shop fitting and exhibition stand construction. The aluminium profiles ensure optimal stability, easy handling and creative and flexible shelf wall systems. Aluminium shelf wall profiles - the features The universal applicability of these profiles, due to their possibilities for further processing of shelf wall systems, make the shelf wall profiles a multi-faceted material. They adapt themselves to their requirements and the place of use to the highest degree.

The shelf wall profiles include 3 different profiles:
  • End profile for finishing off mouldings (aluminium, plastic or wood) - similar to the aluminium U-profile
  • Slide-in profile for guiding strips
  • Edge profile for limitation

The look has to be right too - Refinements from MEPA

The various finishes give the aluminium special protection against corrosion and are very popular in use thanks to their attractive design. The finishes include:

  • Press Blank
  • Stainless steel look
  • Chrome-plated
  • Traffic white
  • Silver Colours
  • dark bronze

The shelf wall profiles do not only fulfil their purpose in the realisation of constructions, but they also convince by optical and aesthetic aspects. In our Mepa online shop you will find a wide range of surfaces. Areas of application of aluminium shelf wall profiles Due to the great stability and lightness of aluminium, the profiles have become a material that can be used on several sides. However, they are used especially in professional shop fitting.

Some well-known other branches are:
  • Bakery, confectionery, butchery
  • Store for clothing
  • Perfumery
  • cafe, restaurant
  • drugstore

With aluminium shelf wall profiles, not only can the customer's creative wishes be realised, but the general conditions can also be fulfilled 100%. After all, the shelves at the points of sale must be one thing above all: load-bearing, stable, reliable and durable. Aluminium shelving wall profiles guarantee all this. Your advantages with MEPA: At MEPA, your wishes and ideas are not only taken note of, but also respected. We have made it our business to provide you with professional advice from the planning stage to the purchase. The variety and individuality of our aluminium profiles are part of our daily work.