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Square tubes

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Vierkantrohr - Pressblank

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Vierkantrohr - RAL-Pulverbeschichtet

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Vierkantrohr - Eloxiert

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Vierkantrohr- Verchromt

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Vierkantrohre - Edelstahloptik

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Aluminium square tubes from the professionals

Our MEPA square tube made of aluminium is a very stable tube with a square cross-section; a height of 10-200mm, a width of 10-150mm and a thickness of 1-5mm. We have a production size of 6m. We also offer various finishing options in bright or chrome-plated, stainless steel look and various RAL and anodised shades. The different finishing possibilities of square tubes, square pipes and aluminium rectangular tubes at MEPA are as versatile as your application possibilities. Due to different finishing options, the tubes can be used both indoors and outdoors, e.g. in trade fair construction or in assembly technology. In addition, the aluminium square tube can be easily processed with conventional home tools due to its formability.

Application possibilities of aluminium square tubes, square pipes and rectangular pipes

Our square tubes from MEPA have a wide range of dimensions. Whether diameter, thickness or surface; you can adjust the dimensions to your requirements and put them together in our online shop. The right surface for a visual eye-catcher For interior use: Due to their geometry and stability, square tubes made of aluminium can be used excellently in the production of stair railings. For tables, chairs, chair legs or for shelving systems, the square tube is perfectly suited in a chrome-plated look. For outdoor use: Due to their durability, the tubes are ideal for outdoor applications such as balcony railings. In addition, their individual surface allows them to adapt to your requirements.